AfriCare Village

The aim of the design is to develop a sustainable and culturally responsive pediatric clinic model for the poorest part of East Africa.

A lack of defined site and, at the same time a need for transformation to fit other sites implies that the new clinic should not be regarded as a functional, homogeneous whole. On the contrary, the object would require a separate design for each subsequent site.

Therefore, all elements of the program have been divided into independent blocks, and then logically arranged with one another. The result is an open system created through the use of plan based on the circle, which is the most neutral figure. The system allows for fitting an ‘object’ to the size and shape of any site in a flexible way. Moreover, it allows for a consistent extension and transformation of the satellite clinic into the larger medical hub which will provide support for surrounding ‘AfriCare Villages’.

Project: Pediatric Clinic
Location: East Africa
Status: Competition
Year: 2009
Architects: Tomasz Berezowski, Agata Nowak