Hidden Beauty

Beauty can not be defined or written with a mathematical formula. Its perception is something very individual, dictated by sensitivity, senses and emotions. In architecture we can find it on many levels, from its physicality to its usability. Most of the information we receive from the environment is visual, so the physical nature of architecture reaches us first. Sometimes we see this “something” at the moment, sometimes it is more invisible and demanding. Particularly now, through the constant inflection of information in the form of an image, we do not see the subtle things. Often in the random places, among the nameless buildings we lose something of value, such as proportions, composition or harmony, hidden under the layer of negligence, dirt and dust. Sharpening our eyes, observing, relying on our sensitivity we are able to bring out the hidden beauty...

Project: OSSA 2017 The Great Beauty / Workshops for students of Architecture
Location: Niemcza, Wroclaw, PL
Status: Project
Year: 2017
Architect: Tomasz Berezowski